Balance video on your landing pages

Landing pages are supposed to be informative. There is nothing strange about it since they have to provide potential customers with all of the necessary specifications of the product or service they are willing to pay for.

Yet, this amount of information can simply appear overwhelming to many people. It is also quite simple to lose a call-to-action button among all of the text.

If you are wondering, what can be done to resolve this issue, you certainly should pay attention to a possibility to put a video on your landing page.

Why video can be better than texts?

As it has already been mentioned, some products and services require a long description. No matter how the readers of all of that information will struggle to process it all, you cannot just hide some necessary information from potential customers. They want and need to know more and you are capable of providing them with such information. Yet, in many cases, this information can be presented a way better in a video.

Indeed, putting a video on your landing page can significantly decrease the wall of text as well as the time your customers have to pay to get through it.

In addition to it, many people actually prefer watching video to reading information. Undoubtedly, it is even easier and more valuable in many cases to show a short video with a representation of a god rather than trying to describe it with words. This should also be taken into consideration.

Balance the form of representation of your information

Despite the fact videos can really be extremely helpful for boosting your conversion rates, you should still be very careful about transforming all of the information into such a form.

First of all, there are enough situations in which people have no opportunity for watching a video with sound, so a part of the information will omit them. Sometimes, they cannot watch a video at all because of insufficient Internet transfer.

Finally, crucial parameters of your goods or services should be stated in a written form to make it possible for the visitors of your website to get the essence of important information.

What will be the best practice?

In all likelihood, it will be better for you to mix the ways in which you will be presenting information. Whatever can be mentioned in the vide can remain in video while the most important facts should be printed. Keep video short enough to make it easier to load them under different conditions.

Pay attention to the click-to-action button, which cannot be lost in the remaining text.