Make your website rapid to increase conversion

Everyone prefers using websites that are working rapidly. Certainly, no one wants to wait and it is absolutely understandable.

The problem is that the modern Internet users have become pretty indulged with the ever-growing quality of the user experience and the overall speed of the internet. As a result, we tend to wait even less and less which makes the business owners and web developers rather anxious. Indeed, modern statistics shows that waiting over three seconds can repel your potential clients.

How long are Internet users ready to wait for a website to load?

Such studies were carried out several times and they gave similar results. The very first experiment was conducted in 2009. Back then 40% of Internet users were impatient to stay on a website for longer than four seconds.

Obviously, today the Internet speed has grown significantly. Thus, another experiment performed in 2016 showed that the average maximum time of expectations has dropped to only three seconds. Yet, you should understand, the Internet is even faster today, so you should adjust your website to the modern requirements even better.

Optimise your website

While the modern websites appear a way more attractive than their predecessors which looked so simple, actually, the trend todays is keeping your website pretty minimalistic. this is certainly a great approach as the more information and especially visual elements you are keeping on your website, the more time it will require for loading.

There is also another benefit in making your website plain. Actually, this is less distractive for its users, allows you to expose your goods or services better and show your potential clients the call-to-action button better.

Of course, there are many other technical aspects of a website responsiveness and optimisation which can be solved by your web developers. An even better approach is building an optimised website from scratch, however, it will certainly not work for the people who have already had their websites for a long time.

In any case, the time of loading your website should be of paramount importance. Today people have a great choice of websites and they will hardly feel any loss if they switch form your website to anything else even if that one has a worse offer. In fact, the prolonged time of expectation will not even allow your potential clients to get acquainted with your exceptional offer.