Optimising your UX design for improved conversion

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs were focusing on the quality of their goods and services as well as their promotion. Today, these essential parts of any business are only a half of success. Unfortunately, there is no way to get any profits if your business is also not equipped into a powerful website.

Indeed, having a website itself is not enough anymore. With the spread of this mean of communication between businesses and potential customers, there have also been a great improvement in the quality of websites. This has triggered the development of a range of crucial rules that have to applied to your website in order to make it attractive to customers.

Why should you pay attention to the UX design of your website?

People who have not had enough chances to work with UX design might imagine it as something required only for highly-competitive websites run by large companies which need to have this instrument to look very appealing and posh. In reality, UX design is not about making your website appealing. It is actually about preventing it from looking unappealing which can be caused by poor user experience.

In fact, many website owners have a very vague idea about what could actually mean such poor user experience. The simplest way to understand it is to imagine yourself in the role of your customer.

Just think about the websites you prefer using and the ones you hate to got o even if you really have to solve some tasks with their help. These strong emotions are the direct result from your user experience. Of course, if you are visiting a governmental website that is very difficult for completing any work, in all likelihood, your frustration will hardly cause any impact on your further decisions to use the same website in the future. Certainly, the reason for its just the lack of alternatives. Still, it is not the same for any e-commerce websites. Even if you are going to an online platform selling a seemingly unique good, the probability is really high you will resign from your plan to buy anything there if the website is not working properly.

For that reason, it is extremely helpful to take care of the UX design of your website or web application. Even if initially the potential customers are extremely positive about conversion on your platform, they can soon change their mind if they do not find your website responsive enough.

What can possibly go wrong with the UX design of your website?

Actually, the right answer to this question will be anything. There are so many aspects of successful UX design that have some influence on conversion that it will be impossible to discuss all of them here. Still, we can at least try to mention some of the examples here.

Beyond a shadow of the doubt, one of the most obvious things is the time your visitors have to expect for your website to load. Your website is important for you so you might mistakenly believe, everyone will be waiting for your website to finally show them its content. Unfortunately, in the majority of situations it is not so and your potential customers can decide to leave your website even within three seconds of expectation for loading.

You can easily imagine how frustrating it can be if you are offering some great goods and services on your website and the website itself is overall very convenient and attractive. Such a simple thing can just deprive you of getting well-deserved attention from potential clients.

Another example is less obvious. Poor planning of links and content displayed on your website can also minimise conversion. For example, it is a very bad practice to overload the landing page with various unrelated information. Even when a potential client is ready to make a purchase, it is so easy to make him or her distracted especially if this person is into more spontaneous purchases rather than more well-though shopping. This person will just leave a full cart and start exploring your website even more. During this time, there is always a possibility he or she forgets about the reason of visiting your website.

As you can see, it is extremely important to take care of the UX design of your website. It is not so simple to predict all of the possible outcome and to keep your conversion high, you should be careful about all of the elements of your website.