More ideas for boosting conversion from UX design

While some people still believe UX design is something of a kind of front-end website design where designers are trying to create something beautiful, in reality, UX design is about making things practical and it is specifically focused on the way in which people perceive your website. With its tools, you can boost your conversion significantly since great user experience impacts the behaviour and decisions of the visitors of your website directly.

Smooth navigation

One of the aspects of UX design you should bear in mind if you wish to achieve better results with your ecommerce platform is reduction of possible friction. This can be understood as minimising any factors that can distract your visitors from actually conversion on your website which you want to avoid as much as possible.

The navigation around your website can be broken once the visitors come to your website, reach your lending page and instead of purchasing a good, get to some other link that you have put there. This is actually one of the worst situations for your website. There is so much energy spent on keeping your potential customers on your website and attracting them with your offer so that they will be willing to proceed to the lending page. And now, it is gone, they are leaving the page without conversion because you have allowed them to navigate somewhere else from that spot.

It is crucial to avoid any further interactions with your website except for a click-to-call button on the lending page. It is a lending page, so your customers should not be distracted by anything else.

Remember, they can love your goods very much and still get distracted just because you are willing to show them anything else. Lending page should be preserved for conversion only!

Improved readability

In all likelihood, you are already aware of the fact Internet users are not ready to waste their time waiting for your website to load. In addition to it, they are also not ready to spend their time on reading the amazing content you have been creating so thoroughly. Ironically, most of the information written there is probably consumed by copywriters creating content for similar ecommerce websites.

Certainly, one of the crucial thing is not keeping the textual content on your website too bulky. Otherwise, there are really little chances anyone will be able to deal with it. The text should also be readable which means using a proper font and the size of at least 18. The latter one was found out in the experiment so it is not just some assumption. The size of the font really makes a huge difference.

It is all very much understandable since the visitors of your website can just easily get confused if they are struggling with understanding what exactly you want them to do on your website.