Great tools for online marketing and monetisation

The Internet is filled with amazing tools which you can use for improving your online marketing and making it simpler for managing. Check the services on this list and you will certainly find something useful for your work.

Understanding your clients

One of the crucial things for every company specialising in selling goods or services is sufficient understanding of potential customers. In order elaborate on the topic of possible clients, it is a good idea to use special services for creating a portrait of a client of your company. One of the amazing services you can use for this purpose is Make My Persona. This tool will help you to understand your clients and interact with them.

Creating the webpages of your products

In case you want to use Product Hunt for presenting your products in the Internet, you can use a specific editor of webpages dedicated to this particular purpose which is known as Preview Hunt.

One of the simplest ways of creating lending pages is suing the help of the Fluently service. Carrd will also help you to create lending pages. This online-service has one more useful function which is the generation of business card websites.

Mockups for your products

You will find a variety of beautiful templates of such websites here, you should check Smartmockups. There are a couple of services of this type, however Smartmockups is featured by a particularly large choice of products.

You can also use Applauchpad which is a handy generator of mockups with various gadgets such as laptops or smartphones.


In case you would like to earn on the subscriptions of the Internet users to your services with content, you should pay your attention to Patreon. Buy me a coffee is another amazing service for monetisation, however, this one is based on a single-payment purchases of content or services.

Chat-bot support for the trade with your online store

Needless to say, the technology of chat bots can be extremely helpful for automation of sales with your online store. If you are looking for one, you should pay your attention to Chatamo.

Choosing key words for your text content

In order to optimise the textual information on your online platforms, you should be aware of the most popular key words used in your region related to your platforms. One of the most reliable tools for checking such information is Google Trends.