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Influencer Marketing Services: All You Should Know

Coming here means you want to get the basic idea about influencer marketing services, right? Here is all the necessary information available to get started.

Influencer Marketing Services

If you are hearing the term “influencer marketing” for the first time, consider it as a branch of one of the marketing strategies. An influencer is a person who can change the perspective of someone’s purchasing decision. They know exactly how to engage with whom and for what purpose . The main motive of this mode of marketing is to broadcast to the audience about your goods and services over the internet.

It has been over a decade that people are using this technique to promote and bring the focus of the people’s attention to their products. There are influencers in the market who have their expertise in advertising the product by writing blogs and using social media source. They know how to approach the right audience as they have a big social circle. They have an online community and they link their blogs to the people they know are in dire need of it.


There are some compelling facts and figures that will give you a better picture of how well influencer marketing services get:

In digital marketing, it is about the ROI (gain or loss measuring through digital marketing campaigns). The calculations tell us that influencer marketing has handed over more than 10 times the ROI of another digital marketing campaign.

Twitter is a useful tool for influencer marketing services. Marketing on Twitter has proved that it has generated 5 times increase in the sales.

People are purchasing online from different websites. People are making online purchases of more than 40% through influencer marketing through websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

From different articles, we have gathered the figures. According to those numbers, businessmen claim that they are earning 6.5 to 7.5 dollars on every dollar spent on influencer marketing.

Comparison with Content Marketing

The major description of difference, in a nutshell, is all about the creation and distribution of the content. Influencer marketing comes under the tree of content marketing.

Content marketing creates content to attract new potential customers to make their first purchase. All of the processes of producing, distributing and then using this content for the attainment of business goals comes under content marketing.

Whereas, influencer marketing is the process through which the sharing of that content comes into action. They make sure that the content that is written is visible enough for their targeted audience.

How much cost for influencers?

It is a tricky question to answer how much because usually the costing differs depending upon your campaign motive. It includes the influencer’s overall following and social links. Is he or she going to share it on all the channels or will he approach a specific network? How much do they price for their engagement with customers? All of it makes the costing different for the influencers.

How to approach them?

Influencers are everywhere around you. There are some micro-influencers and some VIPs as well. Firstly, you start to follow them on social media websites and get along with their represented content. Then you start reaching out to their email addresses. It will project you in their radar’s range. Some influencers also keep gatekeepers and you can approach these agents at first. Once they recognize you and your brand then go for emailing them personally. It might take time so you might just want to wait and keep following.