Influencer Marketing

Is Influencer Marketing the Next Big Thing?


Searching and coming here means you are starting to take interest in influencer marketing and want to identify whether it is a big thing to initiate or not. Here you will find all relevant information regarding influencer marketing.

Digital competition is becoming competitive day by day and now the marketers are trying to find new ways to find and entertain their targeted audience. Your business seems to be healthy and has a potential to grow till you satisfy the needs of your customers.

After marketing through social media, influencer marketing and ads are the new attraction for many entrepreneurs throughout the whole globe. The scenario has changed real fast. As the smart phones’ use has become so common these days, people are always online whether for work purpose or for their source of entertainment.  Marketers started with the ads campaign but after a while it started to bother the streamers and they began to skip them and blocking of ads was the final outcome. They then had to change their strategy to something even more approachable.

Their aim was to get some gizmo that tempts the reader to not just stay but make buying irresistible for them. Right now, marketers are claiming the influencer marketing as one of the most effective tool for this purpose. Ads are generated by us but when we see someone trying something and giving an authentic review, people tend to view them more than ads. Food bloggers, tech experts and other gadgets reviewers are making a great difference in the base of followers. The influencers take away the confusions and indecisiveness of the customers. Advise them to buy the product after using it themselves.

People trust what the influencers has to say. Therefore it is a great way to promote your product through influencers.

How is it a big thing?

Influencer marketing has given us the idea of putting your concerned audience which are most likely tend to make a purchase rather than taking the market perspective as a whole.

We have gathered some stats and according to it:

Around 85% brands are looking forward to resort their association with the influencers.

71% of the marketers have the quality of influencer strategically.

25% marketers are those who continuously have ‘always on’ projects.

5% of them see influencer marketing as their regular marketing because of the technology trend.

Benefits of influencer marketing

Trust Build-Up

It is a common practice that people trust the ones who are excluded from being the part of business. More than 310 million people have applied ad blocker in their phones. They do not trust ads anymore but they do trust the human beings.

Wider Reach

People believe in recent and updated content. It catches their attention rather than watching some old review. The most effective approach to these reviews’ app is through blogs, YouTube, and FaceBook.

Outcome of Sales

After the trust creation, positivity towards that brand tends to increase.

For every dollar invested on influencer marketing, average rate of return of 6.5 dollars is expected according to ROI.

More than half of the marketers admit that the influencer marketing brings loyal and high quality customers to the brands.


Based on the above described information, we can easily conclude that how influencer marketing is making an impact on overall marketing strategies. It already has become a big milestone in the field of marketing. It is gaining significant importance as the day passes.