Popular myths about freelance writing

Are you thinking about working as a freelance writer? Then, you should understand there are several beliefs about such an occupation which are actually false. In fact, they can be true in case of some other types of freelance as well. In any case, you should first realise which information about freelance is just a myth and what is true before you eventually decide to change your current job to self-occupation.

Freelance writers have a lot of free time

One of the most widespread belief concerns the free time freelancers have. Indeed, it looks like freelancers are so flexible changing their plan and are capable of doing many things which people working in a tradition way cannot afford.

This is true, however, it does not come without any cost. In the case of writing career on a freelance basis, many people earn money for completing a particular task rather than spending a particular time at work. This means that they can plan their day the way they want, but the time of working inactivity will not bring them any money at all. The same goes for holidays and even the time they are ill. If freelancers want to be able to have a normal rest, they first have to earn enough money to afford it. Needless to say a traditional system of occupation does not work in such a way.

Furthermore, if a freelancer does not estimate the work needed for completing a particular task properly, he or she is risking to stretch the task waiting more time on it than usually which will decrease the value of one’s working hour. Certainly, for people having regular jobs, unfinished tasks usually mean working on them during the working hours and receiving payment for it.

There are no bosses

Undoubtedly, unlike a traditional working system, a freelance system allows a person to choose people who are interested in their services on their own. If a freelancer does not want to take a project offered by a particular person, he or she does not have to.

Yet, once the project is taken, a freelancer has to meet the requirements of the person he or she is cooperating with. The requirements are set not only for the quality of work but also for the deadlines. This again make sit obvious that freelancers do not have a lot of free time. Additionally, if a freelance writer has several projects with different people, he or she has to fulfil the expectations of each of these people.

Freelance writers do not have stable income

Freelance writing is not thus prone to seasonal changes as it is popular for other types of freelance work. Usually, it is not difficult for writers to find some work during an entire year.

Even if you are working on some specific tasks which have different demand in a particular time of the year, it is still possible to plan your working time in such a way so as you will be able to work more efficiently during the time when more clients are interested in your services and plan your holidays for the time of inactivity on the market.

Moreover, freelancers can choose several projects for a month which will guarantee them income even if someone of the clients suddenly resigns from cooperation.

Freelancers lead an isolated lifestyle

Obviously, freelance writers do not have too much contact with their clients so actually they do not communicate too much at work. Still, for many people meaningful communication anyway happens with their friends and family after working hours. In point of fact, the level of isolation depends on a person and the way he or she organises the pastime which can actually include a lot of socialising.

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  1. I hear these myths all the time. Copywriting is a job like any other, you have a boss and you need a lot of time

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